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Ryan Mills - Procurement Buyer, Newcastle upon Tyne (HQ)

My nomad journey

I’m Ryan Mills, Nomad’s Procurement Buyer. I have spent most of my life in Newcastle (very close to Nomad HQ) but was originally born and raised for a few years in Alston on a sheep farm – England’s highest market town in Cumbria! We moved to Newcastle when I was three and I officially became a city boy with a keen eye for technology, sparked by an interest in my first Tamagotchi…After finishing school, I attended Northumbria University and completed my BA Hons in Business Management – I loved it! Then, that’s where my journey began at Nomad Digital. I started working for Nomad over four years ago.

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From SIM management to managing all suppliers

My initial starting role at Nomad Digital was ‘Sim Development Manager’ – looking after Nomad’s M2M mobile network SIM estate, for on-train WiFi usage across numerous customers. This role supported billing, usage and reporting for mobile and cell network data consumption. This was within the Procurement team, working with suppliers, internal support and end projects. My role today is still in Procurement, where I now work as a line manager, which involves managing the sourcing team, responsible for group supply of hardware, software and labour.

Developing skills everyday

My day to day is split between internal support and external supplier management. This can include high-level negotiations, category reviews and sourcing strategies to support the business. Also, I complete basic day to day tasks like raising purchase orders and tracking deliveries, so they come in on time.

I am a key point of contact for suppliers within the group and supplier management is essential in ensuring we are still ahead of the game and keeping up with advancements in the industry. It is fair to say my skills have developed massively since starting Nomad. A key part of my role is relationship management, which I am enjoying and improving on every day and had never done this or with line management before.

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I work with everyone in the business

I love working for Nomad because the variety of my work makes my role special to me. With the range of services, I purchase and departments I work with internally, I am always doing something different each day.