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Roel Koehein - Project Manager, The Netherlands

I’m Roel, Nomad’s Project Manager based in Holland.  I was born in Gorinchem in the Netherlands but lived in Holland for most of my life, so I consider that my home. I studied Industrial automation at Hogeschool Utrecht, which is the equivalent of a technical bachelor education. I also served as a sergeant with the Engineers and worked as a commander on the Leopard Bridge laying tank. Afterwards, I started my first job as Project Manager at Royal Boskalis Westminster, a dredging company working all over the world – which I really enjoyed! Whilst working for that company I worked in the United Arab Emirates and Germany. Since then, I have always worked within the profession of Project Management, eventually starting at Nomad Digital in 2016.

In my spare time I love to walk my dog, and I recently got a new puppy! Another hobby of mine is cooking, and I love to cook for groups. One of my idols from the culinary world is Heston Blumenthal, as his dishes are always a challenge to make.

I’ve now worked for Nomad Digital for almost three years. After working for 11 years at an IT company I wanted to try something different and new. I’ve never had one moment of regret in choosing Nomad Digital as my new employer. I started as a Project Manager for our customer NS (Dutch Railways), where I managed the project that oversaw upgrades of the existing fleet. I am currently the Project Manager for Nomad Digital’s passenger Web Portal, delivering on-demand, managed-content directly to the passenger’s own devices.

Something I have learnt during my time with Nomad Digital is to be able to switch between the ‘fast’ world of IT and the ‘conventional’ world of train building. This is often a challenge to sort out, but mostly a very rewarding one!


climbing the ladder

I love the atmosphere here at Nomad. You must be self-responsible to get things done and that way of working suits me well. I love the ‘global reach’ of the work, the dealing with different countries and with that the different cultures.

We are growing within Nomad on so many levels, not only technical or commercial levels, but also in maturity within the company itself and being part of that is great.