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Monika Singh - Software Solution Architect, Hildesheim

Becoming a software developer

Hi, I’m Monika and I am one of Nomad’s Software Solution Architects in Germany. I’m originally from India and came to Germany to study in September 2012, where I finished my Master’s degree from the University of Saarland in Computer and Communication trade. I loved studying this course.

I have actually always wanted to be a doctor, but I realised I was really good at maths. This led me to study Engineering in Computer Science and then start my career at Nomad Digital.


Monika Singh

My Nomad journey

I have worked at Nomad for four and a half years’, joining in December 2014 as a Software Developer, as part of a team that were  developing an  application in Microsoft Technology for a key customer. Within six months, I started to work in a team with external developers. The project was to define the work packages for the developers, take care of the requirements of the application, and make sure that everything was going in the right direction. Gradually, I started to learn not only about one application, but also about other applications that were being used for whole OBIS solution.

After ten months of joining, I presented to a key customer about one of Nomad’s solutions. I was really nervous, but the meeting went well. I felt like I could have done better.. but my manager thought my presenting skills were great and had more confidence in me than myself. I was encouraged to keep trying and with time, I improved my self-confidence, presentation, and communication skills.  After one year of this, I presented to another key customer. It went great and was a big success, I received excellent feedback from the customer for my knowledge, and presentation skills. I also received ‘Employee of the Year’ in 2017.     

Fast forward four and a half years’ – I am now working as a Solution Architect for Nomad’s OBIS solution. I take care of customer requirements, and product requirements. I work directly with the development team, and the product owners to create and develop packages. Towards the end of development, I verify that every component fits together, the way we had originally defined then to and I make sure everything will meet the customer’s expectations.

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Excelling in all areas

When I first started at Nomad, I was able to develop my technical skills, based on the experience I already had. I have now improved my personal skills as well, things like, management, leadership, communication and self-confidence. I’m a completely different person, not to who I was four years ago – in a really positive way!

I enjoy working at Nomad because it is an open platform, I started off as a developer, but I was given the opportunity to develop and improve, which is really important to me. Knowing that there is a chance for progression really motivates me.. Nomad is a place of learning, you face different challenges, which allow you  to become an expert in your chosen field.