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Mbola Engbongbo - Data Analyst, Newcastle upon Tyne (HQ)

My nomad story

I’m Mbola, one of Nomad’s Data Analyst based in the Head Office, Newcastle upon Tyne and I have been working for Nomad for 8 months now. I am originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo and have been living in the UK now for 14 years. I already hold a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, but I have also enjoyed studying my Masters in Telecommunications Engineering at The University of Sunderland.


A passion for technology

I would describe myself as someone with real passion for technology. I have always had an interest with how engineering designs and technology manage to eliminate, or at least, reduce negative impacts and try to create positive impacts on people. Before I applied for my job here at Nomad, I researched the company and soon realised that Nomad was determined to put innovative technology and solutions out there, such as allowing passengers to connect to WiFi on the platform and remain connected as they board the train and throughout their entire journey.


My starting role here at Nomad was a Service Desk Analyst, with the primary responsibility of providing first level support through phone calls, emails and using Nomad’s monitoring and reporting systems to identify live and historic issues which may arise. The Service Desk was a great place to work, we all supported each other, and I loved working in such a collaborative environment. I thrive off learning in a fast-paced environment, so being in this type of setting allowed me to develop my skills quickly and gain my new role as a Data Analyst.

My new role, Data Analyst is executing data, so that reports can be made on the product roadmap requirements for internal and external customers along with spotting opportunities for preventative measures. I am very happy in this new role and I am enjoying learning more and more every day!

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