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Linzi Moran - UK HR Operations Advisor, Newcastle upon Tyne (HQ)

My story

I’m Linzi, Nomad’s UK HR Operations Adviser. I am based in the Newcastle Head Office, born and bred in Newcastle too! I LOVE going to the gym (crazy I know). Around 5 years ago, I lost 5 stone which was lifechanging for me. I completely changed my diet and my lifestyle, and I haven’t looked back since. I also love spending time with my little dog Tino!

From Procurement to Human Resources

I was really lucky to find my first role in Nomad as Procurement Administrator, as I had worked with Ian Brimer (Global Head of Business Systems) in a previous company. Working in Procurement was brilliant for me, I think I had pretty much dealt with every employee in the company in raising their purchase orders!

Fast forward 5 years, I am now in the HR team! In June 2019 I started as HR Administrator and I have very recently just been promoted to UK HR Operations Advisor. I am currently working towards by level 5 in CIPD. I love working in HR, I have learned so much and really enjoy working closely with the people in the business.

Even though Procurement and HR are very different, they are similar in the sense that I work with every employee in the company – just on a completely different level!

glass globe in palm of hands

Every day is different

I have developed massively as a person since starting Nomad and I pride myself on my communication skills. I like to think that I can deal with roles from CEO level to apprenticeship level and not be phased. I also think that dealing with global subsids has opened my eyes. In HR I am learning so much especially linked into Employment Law and how things can be so different depending on which country you are in.

I love working for Nomad – not one day is the same!