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Liam Currie - QHSE Officer, Newcastle upon Tyne (HQ)

How I became an QHSE Officer

I’m Liam, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Officer here at Nomad Digital. I was born and currently live in Newcastle’s friendly rival city of Sunderland, much to my colleague’s delight…and enjoy following my local football team, as well as playing Sunday league football myself.

When I left college in 2013, I gained my first apprenticeship at a large manufacturing company based in Newcastle, where I joined as part of the QHSE team. During my fourand a half years’ there, I developed and took a real interest in the QHSE function, especially the Health and Safety aspect.

As part of my development in the sector, I enrolled myself onto the NEBOSH Diploma in Health and Safety which I am currently studying part-time, with my sights fully set on achieving the globally recognised qualification.

headshot of Liam

my nomad journey so far

I have worked as a QHSE Officer at Nomad now for one year and three months, during this time I have really enjoyed being part of the team who ensures compliance to local and regulatory Quality, Health & Safety and Environment standards, across all regions in which Nomad operates. My role allows flexibility, to work with different regions, departments and personnel; building relationships along the way to help comply to global and internal standards and procedures.

Being QHSE Officer allows me to have the best of both worlds, I have the opportunity to work with our office-based employees and also our field-based employees, giving me a greater insight into the variance of work which Nomad carries out on a day-to-day basis. One day I can be sitting in an office completing an internal process audit, and the next I can be in a depot in London completing a site health and safety audit with field personnel. This aspect of the role, essentially gives me a much better understanding of what people tackle in their roles day-to-day, setting me in good stead to give QHSE related advice.

Nola Depot

looking forward to the future

Working in the rail industry has broadened my perceptions in relation to QHSE and has allowed me to progress in a range of different areas including: auditing, incident investigation and data collation and analysis. It has also given me an extended outlook on the variance of hazards and risks which apply to the sector. This has been a fundamental learning curve for me as an individual.

I am excited to see the outcome of the new and improved innovative ideas which Nomad are currently working on and being part of the team who will ensure QHSE compliance is achieved across the board.