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Jenny Touboulidis - Environmental & Sustainability Officer, Newcastle

We caught up with our new Environmental & Sustainability officer, Jenny Touboulidis, to talk about Environmental management, sustainability, our CSR activities and what Nomad is working towards in the near future.

What does Nomad currently do in terms of environmental management?

Currently, Nomad Digital has ISO 14001 certification for UK operations, with many other policies and procedures in our business management system (BMS). Nomad also captures global CO2 generation from our travel activities, waste generation and recycling work. We aim to expand these documents and cover our global operations with sufficient compliance and assurance activities on our environmental aspects and impacts. As we do this, we will naturally look to add more global sites and operations to extend our ISO 14001 certification coverage.

Your role in Nomad has been newly created, can you tell us more about the role and what you will develop for Nomad?

At Nomad Digital, our existing ISO 14001 certification, EcoVadis maturity, and BMS documentation give us a great foundation to start. However, these areas need developing to cover our global operations, allowing us greater visibility, measurement and awareness across all we do. There is also a lot to progress around sustainability and ISO 50001 to assess where we are and what we can do to improve.

As we know, the world is moving toward a stronger focus on sustainability. Within our organisation, we have seen sustainability become central to the bids we make and in the work we do with existing customers. Therefore, to develop and grow these areas at Nomad is a vital step forward for us and shows we are aware of the changing topics and focus around us. Creating this dedicated role in the organisation shows Nomad’s commitment, and I am excited to be part of the team to drive sustainability at Nomad.

Can you tell us why CSR is so important to what Nomad does?

Corporate Social Responsibility is very important within Nomad Digital, and our employees, communities and the families around us are a high priority for us. We want to ensure that we positively impact our society, giving back to local communities and being accountable for our ethical responsibilities.

Why is sustainability so important to Nomad and the wider world?

With awareness of the environmental crisis happening across the globe, it is clear the only way we can start to improve is if we try to become more conscious of our actions. At Nomad Digital, we know that companies like ours can impact sustainability with our efforts, helping to encourage others to do the same. Providing sustainable and measurable operations for Nomad overnight would be an incredible achievement, demonstrating the efforts made within the company. However, as this is a huge undertaking, we will take the small but achievable steps needed to reach our goals.

Our charity days have been successful, can you give us some examples of these and what Nomad offers?

Within my first week at Nomad Digital, I was able to experience a charity day event. Nomad hosted a Beach Clean for all staff members and their families at our local beach, Tynemouth Longsands. 

Some other charitable activities we have supported are garden clean-ups, administration support for local businesses, working with homeless charities, volunteering at events and support with specialist topics like finance and safety.

Nomad Digital offers all employees two paid charity days every year to support them in helping local communities. We hope to promote and utilise these days more in the future, encouraging our employees globally to use this programme to support local charities where they can.

Our environmental footprint is quite low due to our company size and operations. Why is it important we do all of this good work?

Our environmental footprint is low compared to a big organisation, but it’s still an impact we can review, manage and work to offset. Nomad Digital has operations in 12 countries globally. Although some of these operations are a small team with limited impacts, we can work across the business to improve and make changes where we see fit and worthwhile.

We cannot and would not want to overcommit or make unrealistic goals with our environmental management and sustainability work. Therefore, all work will apply to the scale of our business and match the risk of our operations and outputs.