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Andrew McGuckin - Global Cost Accountant, Newcastle upon Tyne (HQ)

My Nomad story

I’m Andrew, Nomad Digital’s Global Cost Account and I work in the Newcastle Head Office, I’m originally from Blyth in Northumberland. I love watching football and I used to play, but I am getting too old for that now!

I enjoyed my time at Northumbria University in Newcastle were I studied Accountancy. After Uni I got a role with Procter and Gamble in Belgium, which was a fantastic experience, then I came back to work with them in Newcastle. While I was working I completed my CIMA Management Accountant qualification..

Andrew McGuckin

From a start up to a mature business

I have now worked at Nomad Digital for 5 years; my first role was to assist the Sales team in bids and help develop the Nomad bid costing/price model. I was involved in helping to develop processes and controls to ensure Nomad moved from a start-up to a more mature, controlled company with processes.

I have really developed over the past five years here at Nomad, and my current role is working as a business partner with Research & Development and Product Management to report and assist on all financial impacts. Also, I review and sign off on all external bids for financial cost accuracy.


climbing the ladder

The best of both worlds

Nomad is a fast-moving company, constantly keeping up to date and innovating the solutions and services we offer, so a skill I have picked up is being a fast learner, so that costing for bids remains accurate.

I love working for Nomad because I can make a real difference to the output and results of the business. Nomad is a medium sized company, meaning decisions can be made quickly. However, we still retain the overall backing of Alstom – so it is the best of both worlds!