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Statement: Nomad Digital – Coronavirus

Nomad Coronavirus Business Position

(13 March 2020, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

This statement serves to provide customers an update on Nomad’s position and set up with regards to the Coronavirus management and how the organisation is set up, how it has responded and how it will continue to deliver its services to customers in the immediate and interim period of pandemic status. Nomad has completed risk assessments to ensure it has adequate contingency plans to minimise any impact on its service during this period.

Intelligence and updates

Nomads QHSE department is monitoring the global situation, using the World Health Organisation daily situation reports for key information and updates. Nomad also monitors other channels for information and is ensuring updates from public health organisations and government authorities in all geographic regions of Nomads hubs, are absorbed and assessed for any key updates to our people and controls. Nomad also aligns with our parent company Alstom on Coronavirus updates and control measures.

Centralised management of communications

Nomad has centralised all communications across its geographies and operations through its QHSE department for all updates and guidance. This ensures a consistent approach for all communications both internally to all employees and externally to interested parties such as suppliers, customers, and regulators, etc. Channeling through our QHSE department, ensures a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all queries and ensures fresh updates and changes to our operations are consistent and managed effectively. Our primary and secondary contacts for any questions or requests for information are:

  1. John Mills, Head of QHSE (Global) – email: Tel: +44 (0)7595 202 380
  2. Liam Currie, QHSE Officer (Global) – email: Liam.currie@nomadrail.comTel: +44 (0)7949 860 919

Central core support departments and operations

Nomad has now implemented working from home activities to reduce head office traffic and footfall, but at this time all personnel in these core support departments can work remotely without impacting our operations. Our office operations are still covered but on a reduced headcount to ensure key daily activities can be completed using the necessary staff, from various departments on a rotation basis.

These central core functions now working from home include but are not limited to Human Resources, Procurement, QHSE, Marketing, Finance, Bid Management, Sales, System Administration and Development teams.

Field Service Support Operations

Our global service support teams who work remotely in customer regions visiting and servicing trains at depots or stations are operating as usual currently. Our engineers have been briefed and are in regular contact for updates when required. Our field service teams will follow all depot/station site-specific controls that have been adopted to ensure they follow the local requirements in place for Coronavirus controls.

Service Desk Operations

Our service desk operations remain in place and are operating 24/7 without impact. We have implemented some remote working for our service desk monitoring teams to reduce head office footfall, but all service desk support is in place and operating at full capacity to provide round the clock support without impact.

Business travel

Nomad has implemented a global travel instruction to all employees which is a 3 leveled approach. Level 3 is a total ban on travel to these countries. Level 2 is a list of countries where executive approval is needed before any travel to these countries occurs and Level 1 is all other countries where travel is unrestricted at this time. This position is reviewed daily for any updates needed to certain countries or regions to stay abreast of developments and react accordingly.

Customer updates & maintenance access to depots and facilities for Nomad personnel

As a business partner of Nomad we request that should the working practices of your own operations change, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, especially where this could affect Nomad employees gaining access to trains for maintenance activities, that you in the first instance contact the QHSE individuals identified to clarify how Nomad should operate to align with your specific controls.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Nomad