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Extract footage without visiting a depot

Nomad’s CCTV capabilities provide a safe journey with efficient use of a transport operator’s time and resources, offering both operators and passengers the reassurance of peace of mind travel.

Transport operators’ focus on passenger and staff safety is fully supported by Nomad’s on-board security systems. By upgrading existing CCTV systems to give real-time visibility and recordings of images and videos, you can extract footage without visiting a depot.


Key benefits for you

  • Imaging and storage can be completely flexible based on each operator’s requirements
  • Evidence management: recorded CCTV can be reviewed as HD CCTV footage 24 hours a day
  • Real-time CCTV: ability to view HD CCTV footage in real-time once an alert has been raised
  • That CCTV is a deterrent for criminals offering passenger reassurance
  • An overview of what is going on externally and internally

Protect solutions

We have an innovative portfolio of solutions and services at Nomad, you can read more about the others within the Protect theme below.