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Rail Maintenance With ROCM

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Proactive rail maintenance with real time information

Nomad’s rail maintenance solutions and our expert knowledge merge remote online condition monitoring (ROCM), reliability-centred maintenance methodology, and in-depth railway industry knowledge to support operators to improve parameters such as the cost and quality of the maintenance of their assets.

By adopting such a strategy, it is possible to optimise the rail maintenance management and availability of equipment towards quantifiable improvements in both cost-effectiveness and reliability.


ROCM provides in-depth and real-time information on the performance of crucial equipment and components on-board, partnered with diagnostic alerts. This provides fleet operators and owners the intelligence and sufficient time required to take proactive rail maintenance, which ultimately leads to improved service reliability and availability of the rolling stock. ROCM is also available for other transport methods such as buses.

Nomad Tech was chosen by NSB Norway in December 2013 to deploy a ROCM rail maintenance solution that would enable the operator to efficiently monitor the condition of its entire fleet, reduce rail maintenance costs, and increase fleet availability. Nomad Tech was created as a joint venture between Nomad Digital and CP, the Portuguese passenger railway operating company.

Key benefits of rail maintenance

  • Provides sizeable business improvements by increasing reliability by up to 30%
  • Increases fleet availability by up to 20%, therefore improving revenue opportunities and reducing the cost of ownership
  • Offers a platform that is rich in functionality
  • Recognised as a pioneer within the remote condition monitoring and rail maintenance space
  • Improved safety and significant cost savings – mainly due to only having to replace parts when necessary, resulting in a reduction of lifecycle cost
  • Allows a better rail maintenance works plan, thus reducing the vehicles’ planned and unplanned downtime
  • Our technology allows you to understand the location and condition of every asset within the entire network in real time
  • Offers you the chance to improve your customer satisfaction by combining improved fleet reliability with railway WiFi connectivity


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