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Real Time Reporting

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Automatic alerting

Our solutions allow the real-time analysis of on-board data and automatic alerting when impending signs of degradation preceding equipment failures are detected.

This data is then fed to the relevant operations departments and maintenance depots in real-time. Using Nomad’s powerful onshore software, historical diagnostic data is available for analysis at any time to support improved decision making.


We not only provide the remote connectivity to previously offline digital and analogue legacy systems, but also bring the know-how and tools to extract and interpret critical operational data.

As well as the connectivity reporting, Nomad also offer several operational services to take away the stress of running and maintaining systems and applications yourselves. This could include setting up and running the Network Operating Centre or the Passenger Helpdesk on your behalf, ensuring the best possible 24-hour service from our experienced staff. Nomad will proactively monitor all equipment on the train, and should an error be detected, proactively inform our customer and progress the issue to resolution.

All of our solutions are designed to help address the daily real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis challenges experienced across the transport industry, now and for the future.

Key benefits to you

  • Nomad can offer operators quick and efficient access to real-time data and knowledge
  • No need for physical data downloading
  • Enables knowledge through the intelligent use of both current and historical information
  • Proactive real-time issue detection integrated with Nomad’s Helpdesk tools
  • Nomad Fleetview: cloud based, real-time operational reporting across all fleets
  • Our interactive dashboards summarise information securely and has functionality that allows easy data export and the sharing of information
  • Providing long-term performance analytics and insight across multiple data sources

See how our customers have benefited

Metro Trains Melbourne, improving efficiencies

The Challenge

To implement the Remote Online Condition Monitoring technology fleet-wide, on a total of more than 400 units, providing the basis for the introduction of preventative and intelligence-driven maintenance practices.

The Solution

Nomad implemented a comprehensive solution which includes train embedded software and hardware, a back-office application for data analysis and visualisation, and a railway engineering support solution.

The Remote Online Condition Monitoring system (ROCM) provides real-time condition and diagnostic based information across key operational elements, and creates a scalable framework for the future introduction of both predictive and remote condition based maintenance methodologies.