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Passenger/On-Board Information Systems

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creating the intelligent journey

Nomad has years of experience developing On-Board/Passenger Information Systems (OBIS/PIS) in the rail industry, covering platform and on-train screens, delivering journey information and announcements.

More recently, our OBIS/PIS solutions have been extended to provide distributed infotainment and commercial content controlled using scheduled programming technology.

Our next generation OBIS/PIS was built to offer services such as the next station and connection information, timetables, live news, on-board entertainment, moving maps, and voice-to-text / text to-voice announcements.

We combine passenger information and infotainment on a single platform – allowing you to deliver both types of content in accordance with your infrastructure, the nature of your market and the specific journey types. OBIS will help deliver your passenger experience strategy.

Nomad also supports all North American Disability Discrimination Act requirements including hearing loop integration.

Key benefits to you

  • A single platform solution
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Unique user experience on both mobile devices and fixed on-board screens
  • Adaptable to changing market demands and scalable to other applications
  • A seamless and intelligent passenger experience, increasing passenger satisfaction, reducing complaint levels and enquiry handling costs
  • Potential for monetisation through advertisements and content providers
  • Operators can create exclusive custom updates and manage the content provider with single platform application
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