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Innovate faster and more cost effectively

Applications-as-a-Service refers to the delivery of computer software applications-as-a-service via the internet. The software has been gaining an increasing share of the market, due to the cost savings and efficiency gains it can offer to organisations, regardless of their size.

Applications-as-a-Service provides financial benefits to organisations by eliminating the expense of individual user licenses which normally accompany traditional on-premise software delivery. Applications-as-a-Service is a key focus in the customer experience space, supporting media and infotainment services. Now that analytics are high on the agenda, applications such as Nomad’s Passenger Counting, can now all be hosted and operated on Nomad’s Onboard Data Centre.


Key benefits to you

  • Applications can provide better services to train operators and passengers
  • Increased efficiency, by distributing and managing applications for all users at a single point – on the ‘Onboard Data Centre’
  • Applications-as-a-Service eliminates many software integration issues, giving results including:
    – improved reliability of applications
    – increased availability of applications
    – increased security of applications
  • Greater data storage, personalised computing, sharing, collaboration and on-demand scaling (adding more when you need it)