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Trackside Networks

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Trackside railway networks

Trackside Railway Networks are dedicated radio networks, located along the trackside, providing very high bandwidth network connectivity with low latency.

Delivering new services such as, advanced telecommunications, CCTV backhaul and cellular backhaul, a Trackside Railway Network could be more affordable than you think. We are happy to advise you based on our experience in the UK and North America. Trackside is a solution for high speed, long distance and dense traffic connectivity on mainland and regional rail. It is also a solution for seamless, one-time login and roaming wireless connectivity throughout stations, platforms, trains and metros.

Trackside Railway Networks are becoming more prevalent across the industry as rail connectivity develops, the ‘gigabit train’ is fast becoming reality.

Key benefits to you

  • Improved fleet performance
  • Enhanced passenger experience
  • Greater operation efficiency and reduced down-time
  • Allows greater operational control and utilisation of the on-train assets and systems
  • Creates a differentiated and optimal user experience
  • New services can easily be created and deployed as if on fixed wire networks
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