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Onboard Data Centre

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Nomad’s ‘Onboard Data Centre’ is cloud computing at the edge, bringing computer data storage and processing on-board where it is needed. This virtualised on-board connectivity computing platform helps train builders create trains for the future.

The Data Centre can support both Nomad and 3rd party applications, providing one commonplace with open Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) for secure data sharing between applications.

With technology evolving all around us, our ‘Onboard Data Centre’ gives the freedom and flexibility to integrate selected train systems, making it maintainable and future-proofed. This solves the challenge of physically commissioning hardware on a train, even when you don’t know at that time what applications you may need in the future. This means train operators can adapt to developing market and customer needs, building the foundation for intelligent services, today and in the future.


Key benefits to you

  • A scalable future-proofed cost-effective path towards fleet modernisation
  • The reassurance that the fundamental building block for all on-board connected services is in place when further integration is needed
  • Supports effective data and security management