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WiFi and Internet Access

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Railway WiFi Connectivity and Internet Access

Nomad’s passenger internet access and railway WiFi connectivity solutions are completely focused on a simple, smart, and enjoyable customer experience.

Nomad Digital is a global leader in transport WiFi and internet access. We have over two decades of experience supported by a growing team of industry experts.

An increasing number of passengers identify WiFi as an expected norm and reason for choosing a particular operator. We enable operators to address this norm through class-leading technologies, assuring an outstanding passenger WiFi experience while guaranteeing the utmost network rail cybersecurity.

WiFi and internet access can range from a simple connection to a fully managed prioritised service. Nomad’s solutions inform and entertain passengers around the world daily.

Key benefits to you

  • Simple internet connection: enabling passengers to access the internet
  • Payment facilities and ticketing systems – all for a better passenger experience
  • Access prioritisation: allowing operators to select what passengers have priority access
  • Internet acceleration: offering operators the opportunity to boost connection speed
  • High availability connectivity: train operators and manufacturers can reinforce their connectivity by using a more robust infrastructure
  • Reliable, secure, and cost efficient
  • Supports and integrates with operator and third-party applications
  • Provides a secure transport mechanism for your valuable data
  • Friendly WiFi – protecting your family from harmful internet sites

Connect solutions

We have an innovative portfolio of solutions and services at Nomad, you can read more about the others within the Connect theme below. Discover Nomad’s Trackside Railway offering or, alternatively, contact us today for more information regarding railway WiFi connectivity solutions.