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A comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity

Nomad’s Security-as-a-Service offers a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity that goes beyond a “software-only” solution to aid the detection and response to an actual or suspected cyber-attack, against the on-train and shoreside core components of Nomad’s internet on-board solution.

Nomad Secure Intrusion Detection Service provides a mechanism to identify an actual or suspected cyber-attack and provides real-time alerts of an on-going incident which is monitored by our 24/7 Service Desk.

Nomad Secure Management Package compliments the Intrusion Detection Service by providing comprehensive monitoring, analysis and reporting service as well as regular information security audits and vulnerability assessments. The Management Package provides key stakeholders with the required information to evidence compliance with.

Key benefits to you

  • Intrusion detection and real-time alerts
  • Security management plan
  • Monthly incident reporting
  • Regular vulnerability assessments
  • Information Security audits and compliance review
  • Customer assurance that Information Security is taken seriously
  • On-train and shoreside

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