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Passenger Experience

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connecting everything for a positive passenger experience

For almost two decades, Nomad Digital has been the world’s leading provider of vehicle connectivity solutions and our team of industry experts continues to grow.

We provide innovative real-time passenger solutions using both passenger devices and/or vehicle displays. This covers an extensive range of passenger services including internet access, travel information, entertainment delivery and security applications.

The ever-growing number of transport passengers identify WiFi as a reason for choosing a particular operator. We enable operators to respond to this through class-leading technologies, providing an outstanding passenger experience.

We are constantly developing technology and products which provide an excellent web access experience, flexible configuration and outstanding reliability. By designing, building and deploying wireless broadband connections for trains and other transport services, the passenger experience has dramatically improved.




On-board WiFi services allow people to surf the internet, commuters to answer emails and undertake important work on longer journeys. But that’s only part of the service; Nomad’s solutions can also provide live passenger information such as updated journey data, where and when the next stop is, and any news regarding delays. Nomad works with train operating companies to improve maintenance processes, which results in increased cost savings.


Keeping passengers up-to-date

Real-time journey information is still considered to be in the top three of the biggest challenges facing train operators.

Our focus is on a seamless and straightforward customer experience. This can be achieved by providing passengers with world-class connectivity regardless of location, integrating real time journey information and media entertainment all on a single platform, for a new experience in passenger information delivery.

Bringing together passenger connectivity, information and entertainment will transform your ability to improve passenger experience. Our solutions provide you with both timely and historic insight into connectivity usage and fleet performance. This data helps you monitor and manage fleet operational issues in more proactive and intelligent ways.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly driving transport related innovation to push the boundaries of what is possible. The capabilities of on-board connectivity are endless and exciting.

Young black woman listening to music on train using tablet compu

Our vision - 'connecting everything'

Our vision is ‘connecting everything.’ This means, you can be assured of a future-proof platform on which to deploy new applications and services and collect and exchange data, allowing everyone to more connected than ever before.

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Future tech trends within the rail industry

Would you be persuaded to travel via train, should your favourite sport be broadcasted live during your journey? In effect, live streaming will enhance the passenger experience.

Sam Taylor
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Passenger expectations in today’s connected world – an interview with Brian Foskett


An interview Spotlight brought to you by Global Railway Review where our Head of Product Management , Brian Foskett explains how passenger expectations are developing in today’s connected world and what digital solutions are available to train operating companies as they strive to enrich the passenger experience.

Brian Foskett
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Railtex 2019


Nomad Digital provided a vision for the future at this year’s Railtex!

Posted on:
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Creating an app prototype in two weeks


Today, digital transformation is already a reality in the rail market. Companies will be at different stages of their own digital transformation journeys. Some, at the beginning and some further advanced. Data is key part of digitisation, you might just be collecting it or already looking at how you can analyse it. Each stage of the data journey comes with challenges and our rail industry customers will face most of them.

Carlos Palminha
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Is there a future for WiFi on-board trains?


Everyday life is impacted by our ever-increasing expectations of the digital communications world. The more technology we have at our disposal, the more we expect from it - and if the technology doesn’t deliver to our high standards, our satisfaction levels drop.

Jeremy (3)
Jeremy Haskey
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Our vision to connect everything


Our ground-breaking vision of the ‘networked train’ from 2007 remains relevant today. Yet now we see a great opportunity to connect not just the passengers, but also train builders, maintainers and on-board staff – all of whom play a pivotal part in the passenger experience - and this is part of our future strategic vision.

Reece Donovan
Reece Donovan
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WiFi and infotainment systems across Australia

1.-Indian-Pacific resized

Nomad Digital, has successfully partnered with Great Southern Rail (GSR) in Australia to implement its leading edge infotainment technology on the Indian Pacific train service.

Vicki Sloan
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Nomad providing cutting-edge WiFi for Alstom’s Coradia Continental trains

Alstom-Coradia_-HLB_Designstudie_1 resized

Nomad Digital, has successfully partnered with Alstom to deliver passenger WiFi to 30 Coradia Continental electric trains.

Vicki Sloan
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Partnership extended for 3 years with Queensland Rail for WiFi & CCTV

QR-contract-extension resized

Nomad Digital, is extending its strategic partnership with Queensland Rail offering continued service management on Passenger WiFi and CCTV.

Sophie White
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Nomad’s multi-gigabit ‘Digital TrainLine’ ™ – a world first

DTL2 resize

Nomad Digital, has successfully designed and deployed an innovative wired Ethernet ‘Digital Train Line’.

Sophie White
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