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Rich Media and Web Portal

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Enrich your customer's journey

Nomad’s passenger Web Portal delivers on-demand, managed-content directly to your passenger’s own devices, such as a tablet, smart phone or laptop.

Using the trains existing IP network as an extension of the Passenger WiFi service, the Web Portal can be maintained using an on-shore content management solution, designed specifically for the transport and rail environments.


The Web Portal is much more than just a website

It is a platform for new services that can be distributed to hundreds of trains, with a real-time data feed integration. The content can range from simple static pages, updated as required, to rich interactive media providing a second to none customer experience. This content can be distributed to trains in a planned controlled manner, both efficiently and economically. The content is hosted, accessed and browsed all using our on-board systems, rather than using valuable WiFi bandwidth, which assists WiFi and data management.

  • Nomad has Web Portal related products:
    Portal Light – basic web portal for WiFi access
  • Full Features Portal – wide range of Rich Media content such as newspapers, movies, catch up TV, e-books, games, journey information and moving maps
  • Rights Based Media – royalty premium movies and documentaries
  • Live TV – streaming live TV in near real-time

Nomad has vast experience implementing compelling propositions for their customers, taking train operators on an infotainment journey and working with media and advertising partners.


key benefits for you

  • Nomad’s solution enables your passengers to manage their own preferences, such as their favourites, account data, and any other personalised items
  • The Nomad Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage on-board content remotely, ranging from static to dynamic content including video and audio resources
  • Additional portal applications can be added to enrich your customer’s journey, including weather maps, games support, moving maps, e-books, and even puzzles
  • Our portal analytics enables you to understand what your passengers are accessing and enjoying, helping you to deliver the right content at the right time
  • Brand the portal in line with your business communications strategy