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expert advice to reach your business goals

Our experts specialise in a broad range of solutions to both builders and operators within the rail and bus industry, with years of experience they are constantly innovating to develop on-board and communication technologies for this ever-evolving industry.  All with the aim to significantly enhanced passenger experience.

We offer a range of advisory services alongside our solutions, to help our customers meet their goals and their passengers’ requirements. These include: WiFi, Passenger Information Systems, Remote Online Condition Monitoring solution designs, Trackside Railway advice, radio frequency reviews, coverage surveys, data assurance services, upgrade reviews, and maintenance approaches and processes.

So, ask us for advice. We are here to support you and your business’s needs.

key benefits for you

  • Nomad has over 18 years of experience – use it
  • Our experts have a unique blend of information technology skills, rail skills and experience across the globe. Serving customers in more than 40 countries.
  • We will help you extract the most value from your current solutions
  • We are always watching our industry and we will advise you when upgrades should be discussed

Advise solutions

We have an innovative portfolio of solutions and services at Nomad, you can read more about the others within the Advise theme below.