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Fleet and Rail Connectivity

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Fleet and rail connectivity

We are specialists in fleet and rail connectivity, offering benefits to passengers and operators alike by improving communications for trains, metros, trams and buses on the move.

Vehicle Connectivity is at the core of what we do. Our solution is built on cutting-edge technology that is robust, scalable and fully secured. This allows operators to benefit from services such as CCTV, passenger WiFi and sophisticated fleet management solutions.

Scalability and flexibility are the cornerstones of our design, ensuring capacity for future systems development, as well as incorporating the sophisticated needs for entertainment services and passenger information. We have a service that aggregates multiple connectivity solutions, such as 3G, 4G and with plans for 5G, 802.11, trackside and satellite.



Key benefits for you

  • Continuous connectivity for a better passenger experience
  • WiFi enhancing software which vastly improves the on-board connection for passengers and operators alike
  • Our commitment to value and efficiency allows installations to be carried out during scheduled vehicle maintenance, avoiding additional downtime whilst maximising fleet availability
  • Passengers benefit from reliable internet, media entertainment and real-time journey information
  • Transport operators can increase customer satisfaction – and also improved fleet reliability and availability, lower operating costs and improved safety