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Friendly WiFi

Nomad Digital are proud to be an approved provider of Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi is a government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi. It is a scheme that helps children, young adults, and parents make responsible and informed decisions when choosing a WiFi hotspot. The Friendly WiFi symbol tells you where the service meets minimum filtering standards – particularly in areas where children are present.

The symbol is easily recognised to provide global public assurance that the WiFi they are using in public places is independently certified as filtered.

Why are we using Friendly WiFi?

Using WiFi in public places has become a modern way of life, and it is important that we all stay safe online. Being an approved provider of Friendly WiFi, allows us to further acknowledge our corporate social responsibility, along with protecting children, young adults and parents by blocking illegal content and pornography.

child on ipad

How to apply for Friendly WiFi certification

Getting certified is easy and the team at Friendly WiFi are there to support their clients throughout the process.  Follow this link to complete the short application form and one of the Friendly WiFi team will be in touch to progress your application, get you certified and enable you to show the Friendly WiFi symbol to your customers.

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