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NS - the biggest ever link up


NS runs 5,000 trains a day serving around a billionpassengers a year on one of the densest rail networks in Europe.

Across the Netherlands’ 4,700 km of track, 400 stations, trains can travel in both directions on the same line every few minutes, and with many more stops compared to most intercity rail routes; with average journey times from 11 to 37 minutes.


To improve the passenger experience on one of the densest rail networks in Europe by using wireless connectivity for more efficient and up-to-the-minute distribution of passenger information and passenger internet access.


  • Nomad Digital’s router uses national cellular networks
  • On-board PIS server continually refreshed with data from the Operating Centre
  • Standards-based Nomad connectivity through-train LAN uses wired inter-carriage links and switches andAPs in each carriage
  • Integration via either IP or serial connections to legacy train systems
  • Trains fitted with free wireless internet services and real time travel information systems via 5,500 new screens and existing Dot Matrix displays and PA
  • System HD-capable for video display and shows updates about connecting services as well as the current journey.
person using mobile on train platform


  • Increased passenger satisfaction on trains with internet access
  • Passengers get instant and reliable travel information – train destinations, connections and arrival times on-board the train
  • Travel information can be presented on smartphones and on the train landing page when browsing the internet from the comfort of your seat. The service is free to all passengers
  • Nearly a million unique sessions per month by internet users
  • Real-time monitoring is next opportunity to be exploited.
man and woman on train looking at laptop