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NSB, switching the solution


NSB wanted to provide on-board WiFi access for its passengers. However, the country’s mobile broadband coverage is patchy and often poor. NSB also required a system that could be upgraded in future to integrate new technologies as they become available.


The solution needed to be able to switch between different mobile operators, including 450 MHz CDMA coverage in areas without 3G. Nomad’s multi-carrier aggregating solution provided the answer, exploiting all public networks in Norway.

As well as passenger internet access, the portal gives real time journey information, including current location, time to next stop, and destination details. This portal is driven by a combination of downloaded route information and integration with the CCU’s GPS service.

interactive portal system passengers onboard


The on-board WiFi service immediately proved popular, with around 190,000 people a month logging on. NSB reported many customers had switched from car to train because of the enhanced customer experience.

At the same time, the solution allows the location of trains to be transmitted to NSB’s operational headquarters, offering a more accurate picture of traffic on the national network.