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DSB - connecting Denmark


State-owned operator DSB runs around 80% of Denmark’s passenger trains. Carrying 157 million passengers every year, it runs urban, intercity and regional services, as well as international services, especially to Sweden.


DSB was keen to improve customer experience and satisfaction, and to increase passenger numbers.

A study found that real-time traffic information was the top request among the 220,000 daily passengers using Copenhagen’s Metropolitan S-trains. The survey found that even if a delay occurred, complaints would be minimised and customer satisfaction raised by providing accurate, up-to-date information about new arrival times, connecting traffic and service alterations.


Nomad provided broadband to DSB’s fleet via aggregated cellular connections from a CCU R3200 mobile router.

Video content and portal pages are refreshed over the wireless link to dedicated servers on the train. The Nomad portal management solution allows easy refresh of content.

This allows DSB to provide reliable, up to date information via 2,806 screens and displays on its trains. Information includes regular updates on connecting services, including those of other train and bus operators. Marketing offers and promotions are also displayed, as well as some advertising.



In the first four months, 90,000 unique users logged on to the DSB portal. It acts as a direct means for DSB to get closer to customers: for instance, in signing up for free on-board internet, users may opt in for the company’s loyalty club and newsletter.

Free broadband internet is clearly something the public values. Demand has risen steadily, while customer satisfaction has increased. And thanks to a modest amount of discreet third-party advertising on the portal, the service gets a financial supplement.

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