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World-first live broadcast TV delivered to enhance ÖBB passenger experience

press release

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 8 June 2016) Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail industry, has successfully partnered with ÖBB (the primary Austrian rail operator) to deliver a fleet-wide passenger WiFi upgrade and a comprehensive passenger portal with multi-media services on 51 ÖBB Railjets. Also, ÖBB will offer a world-first terrestrially-delivered live broadcast TV solution in two Railjets.

Building on a strategic 10-year partnership with ÖBB, Nomad has designed, integrated and deployed multiple on-board connected passenger services, which have been rolled out across ÖBB’s Railjet fleet of 420 Siemens train carriages, which serve Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The stand-out feature amongst a host of fully-integrated enhanced passenger solutions, is Nomad and ÖBB’s world-first “live” terrestrial broadcast TV solution over IP for the rail market – an innovative partnership with ORF – Austria’s primary broadcaster – who provide the content. The launch of the on-board live broadcast TV ties in with UEFA’s Euro 2016 kick off, allowing passengers to keep in touch with the latest scores by watching the games live in two selected trains.

As part of a suite of enhanced technology solutions, Nomad is also launching its next generation 3500P platform across ÖBB’s Railjet fleet, to enable a fully upgraded connectivity service and integrated media server. This 3500P upgrade provides the very latest in integrated passenger connectivity solutions through faster router technology, upgraded access points and new-generation modems, offering a scalable, future-proofed solution and operational application hosting environment.

In addition, Nomad’s connectivity solution supports the launch of ÖBB’s integrated passenger portal, which delivers a full media and infotainment platform with rich content (including live TV in two trains) and a Passenger Information System (PIS) which provides passengers with fully synchronised and integrated real-time journey and service information. The level and quality of passenger information provision marks a step change in PIS service delivery and builds on ÖBB’s commitment to continually improve their passengers’ experience.

As part of the strategic partnership with ÖBB, Nomad has created a long-term fixed presence in Austria, with a dedicated technical and customer management team based in Vienna. In addition to this, both Nomad and ÖBB are planning to launch a dedicated passenger experience hub, with the objective of developing and delivering innovative applications which will enhance both the passenger and operational experience.

Nomad Digital said “Building a local presence in Vienna is part of Nomad’s strategy to provide both centralised and local support to OBB, while establishing a strong presence across the DACH region to support our current and future customers.

“Improving the passenger experience is a fundamental objective in the work that we do with our customers, and in collaboration with OBB, we are delighted to be delivering the most innovative high-speed connectivity and passenger services in the industry to date. Delivering live on-board broadcast TV is a real game changer in our industry, and also coincides with the launch of a major international sporting event.”


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