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What quality means to me in my role

What does quality mean to me?

As Nomad Digital’s Group CRM Administrator quality is vital. I manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM which manages our global pipeline. As part of my role I work closely with our sales teams to ensure we capture live opportunities across the globe.

This information is imported into other systems such as Tableau and Power BI, both powerful tools used for business Intelligence. They help simplify raw data into understandable formats and dashboards. The dashboards I produce in Tableau and Power BI are insightful, allowing us to make data driven decisions about the future of the business, therefore the quality of the data we draw from is so important.

How do I control quality as Group CRM Administrator?

The information I manage in CRM is entered manually, it is natural that human errors and typos happen. To tackle this, I have produced a range of reports which help identify any data that may have been entered incorrectly. For example, identifying any entries which may not be included in the dashboard due to incorrect dates, or any entries which have not been modified within that last 3 months.I also reconcile CRM with our Finance department, to ensure we are all working with the same figures.

I support Nomad teams with 1:1 meetings, ensuring a certain level of detail is captured and done so effectively and with quality in mind. The business we win and projects we take on are often complex therefore, the detail is extremely important and vital to doing a good job.

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What does good quality look like in what you do?

Good quality with regards to CRM is accurate data being captured and updated in real time, resulting in reliable information.

Our Sales teams do an excellent job in capturing their pipeline, nonetheless there is always room for improvement. As we become more and more data driven, there is a need to ensure we capture accurate data in real time without creating extra administrative work.

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