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We’ve just launched our brand-new Nomad Charity Days

At Nomad Digital we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. We are passionate about making a difference in our local communities, nationally and globally – striving to make changes that count. By raising money for charities, volunteering our time and playing our role in global recycling, we enjoy seeing the difference we can make as a team.

Therefore, we are extremely passionate about our most recent project – ‘Nomad Charity Days’. A great initiative fully backed by Nomad Digital, who are offering all staff 2-days paid leave every year to give back and get involved. Really showing the commitment the business has to CSR and charity.

Charity days are also inspired by the Alstom Foundation and the great work it does globally. Together we can achieve success and do something great.

Truly committed

Charity Days showcase our commitment to benefiting local communities, using our staff, platform and assets to do so. A great benefit for Nomad Digital is our companies’ global outreach, meaning we can benefit communities from all around the world! In fact,we currently have offices in 15 different locations around the world, spanning across three continents. As a business, we are truly committed to making a meaningful contribution where we work and live. Charity days allow every Nomad employee a chance to have their say in who we support and what we do, and this brand-new initiative makes it possible.

Nomad Charity Days – No. 1

We recently participated in our very first Charity Day in the UK, with our EMEA Financial Controller, James Lamb (Newcastle Upon Tyne). James took the opportunity to support The British Red Cross, a fantastic charity that he is no stranger to supporting. He’s been volunteering for over 15 years!

James said – “I have been supporting the British Red Cross for a long time through delivery of event first aid, ambulance service support and emergency response. There is a large operation at present supporting the COVID-19 response and in the North East, we have been asked to provide two additional ambulances per day to support the Patient Transport Service discharging, patients from hospitals. The Society is also assisting the COVID-19 response with distributing food parcels to the most vulnerable, and also operates a telephone line support service. It was really great that I could take a mid-weekday off work to support this cause. I’m really glad that Nomad is investing in charity days it’s such a great opportunity to do something you care about.”

For 150 years, the British Red Cross has supported people through crisis and coronavirus is no exception. Across the UK and around the world, the British Red Cross is supporting the most vulnerable people by delivering food and medicine, making sure refugees and people seeking asylum are safe, and supporting the NHS to get patients home from the hospital.’ (British Red Cross, 2020)

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What's next?

We are really looking forward to seeing many more Nomad charity days take place so that we can make a true difference. The more of these types of activities we do, no matter how small, the sense of achievement and doing good will thrive in our offices. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to link up to our other CSR activity. It’s great that Nomad fully supports all staff by granting them two paid days leave a year, with the aim of volunteering time and skills, rather than just money, to work with a charity of their choice. We are encouraging all staff to follow in James’ footsteps and can help by suggesting a variety of charity days ideas. Next up we’re hoping to complete a local beach clean-up, volunteer at an animal shelter, help out those in need by supporting food banks and working in charity shops for the day – just to name a few. We have loads of great ideas and are also very happy to hear from any charities requiring a helping hand.

Please just reach out to

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Healthy staff – make great volunteers

Whilst we are passionate about making a difference in our local communities, we also focus on the health and wellbeing of our staff. Recently, Alstom invited Nomad to take part in a virtual ‘challenge’, which lasted for around four weeks – the theme was “Stay Healthy from Home”. It started on 4 May 2020. Due to COVID-19, the UK was on lockdown during the challenge, which meant people really got involved – it was something different to do. The aim was to help develop self-awareness around your own health and wellbeing whilst working within a team (employees signed up in teams), supporting each other. There was a fun leader board that resulted in a great competition, that really brought together teams and created loads of excitement. The benefits speak for themselves…

  • 78% noticed an improvement in their health during the challenge
  • 76% made healthy food swaps
  • 42% saw an improvement in their general mood
  • 39% felt more energised
  • 27% noticed an increase in sleep quality

We are hoping Nomad employees can harness these ecstatic results in our joint bid to give back to our local communities.

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Final thoughts

2020 has been a tough year so far…But, it can really help to focus and appreciate the small things we can all do and support, finding those little moments of positivity we all really need at the moment. Let’s all try to do something good that we can be proud of – lifting our own spirits and positively influencing those around us. Nomad ‘Charity Days’ have come at a perfect time!