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Virgin Trains West Coast launches passenger WiFi upgrade and media server

press release

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 6 June 2016) Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail industry, has successfully partnered with Virgin Trains on the west coast to provide a fleet-wide passenger WiFi upgrade which will deliver a comprehensive portal and infotainment and media platform, offering a cutting-edge video-on-demand service.

Building on a long-term strategic partnership with Virgin Trains, which dates back almost ten years, Nomad has led the design, development and delivery of an end-to-end connectivity solution, which has been implemented on Virgin Trains, delivering significantly improved on-board WiFi and overall passenger experience.

Additionally, in partnership with GoMedia, a provider of on-board media and infotainment services, Nomad has integrated GoMedia’s exciting package of video-on-demand entertainment services, providing an advanced platform for Virgin Trains’ passengers to enjoy popular media content, including Hollywood blockbusters and ‘box-set’ specials throughout their journey, in a uniquely curated package called BEAM.

A key requirement from Virgin Trains was to provide its passengers with a universal, free, video-on-demand service, not dependent on internet connectivity, offering the very latest DRM-protected content. Nomad’s innovative and market-leading solution enables these requirements, integrating the media content onto the on-board passenger WiFi infrastructure, and therefore providing passengers with uninhibited direct access to a vast selection of content.

Nomad Digital said: “We are delighted to extend our long-term strategic partnership with Virgin Trains and GoMedia, to provide a market-leading WiFi and infotainment solution, which will significantly enhance the overall passenger experience of Virgin Trains’ customers.

“Nomad’s on-board connectivity and communications solution provides Virgin Trains with a long-term strategic technology platform, which is scalable and will enable them to integrate additional passenger and operational applications in the future. This will allow Virgin Trains to introduce enhancements that will further improve the passenger experience, while delivering improvements in reliability, safety and overall operational efficiency.”

Patrick McCall, Co-Chairman for Virgin Trains, said: “The new BEAM app will make our passengers’ journeys fly by, feeling like they’ve arrived at their destinations before they know it. We’ve worked really hard to provide a fantastic range of entertainment to cater to all of our customers’ tastes and are really proud to offer this service that is the first of its kind to the train industry.  At Virgin Trains we pride ourselves on continuously improving our customers’ on-board experience and so will continue to update the content on BEAM to guarantee our passengers have the latest entertainment on offer. The new service is more advanced than the systems currently available on planes as customers use their own devices, which normally have larger screens with better picture quality than standard seat-back devices.”