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Nomad Digital Passes 2 Years Lost Time Injury (LTI) Free

Nomad Digital has recently achieved over two years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free. This is a significant achievement across all operations and shows the commitment and dedication to working safely across all regions and teams.

Clock image showing text 2 year lost time injury free text and safety hard hats shown to the right of image

Nomad also recently passed over 1 million working hours LTI free in April this year and now to pass over 2 years without an LTI is a significant achievement for us to mark. We have global operations across 4 regions in 12 countries with over 280 people covering our scope, again, conveying what an achievement this is.

“This is an excellent milestone for us to achieve and conveys our hard work over the last two years to promote safety awareness and behaviour across all of our teams. I am thankful to everyone for taking care of their own safety and allowing through their focus, the achievement of this significant milestone.”


Managing Director, Nomad Digital

Headshot of Xavier Champaud, Managing Director, Nomad Digital

“This is a great milestone to pass but our work never stops in all we do to promote and sustain safe operations. Every day our engineers on site, workers in offices or others moving around face hazards and risks that we must manage to ensure we protect our people. We will always continue to make great improvements with our culture and behaviour towards operating safer. Everyone in Nomad has a role to play to keep themselves and others safe and chose to work safely in all that they do”.


Head of QHSE, Nomad Digital

Headshot of John Mills, Head of QHSE, Nomad Digital