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The Rocket Hack 2019

The Rocket Hack proves to be a huge success!

The Rocket Hack was all about giving back and showcasing the technology coming out of the North East. It inspired, created innovative ideas and loads of collaboration, it was for the region.

The aim – for people and businesses to work together and create something special, a hackathon with a difference, the North East’s premier hackathon for years to come.

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Joining forces to deliver a fun and unique event

This year’s theme was ‘Smart Transport’ with the idea to create something that’ll change the transport industry with good, focusing on accessibility and enhancing the door to door journey for everyone. Tackling issues like disabilities and language barriers.

When Nomad introduced the event this year for the first time, it gained momentum quickly, with exciting businesses getting involved and joining forces to deliver a fun and unique event.

The Rocket Hack partners, supporters and volunteers had the same commitments – create a special event, support each other and be proud of regional community spirit.

The team lead by Nomad Digital wanted everyone to have strong ties to the region, and were delighted to welcome partners, Gardiner RichardsonNCFENatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator and Gateshead College and over 15 supporters including LNERHedgehog Lab, Dynamo, Newcastle Start Up Week and Tech North East just to name a few.

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The ‘smart transport’ challenge

The Rocket Hack created a buzz in the digital sector and our tech talent, businesses, students and innovators all got involved.

The ‘smart transport’ challenge gave the opportunity to use technology in the transport industry, to change it for the better and truly make a difference to passenger’s lives. By talking to leading transport operators, the challenge was formulated with real insight behind it, looking at real problem’s passengers face. The challenge focused on passengers with disabilities and how technology could be used to really enhance their door to door journey.

The overall aim is giving back.

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The North East is a great place

The North East is a digital hub and the people who attended The Rocket Hack will be our next generation of idea makers and pioneers. Giving them space to learn, work together, seek mentoring and post event acceleration is key.

Over centuries, the world has witnessed phenomenal revolutions in transport, all of which have contributed to form the global transport system as we know it today. Over the years, British rail has evolved through times of nationalisation, privatisation, attrition, rationalisation and industrial action.

The region has:

  • over 51,000 students studying a STEM related subject
  • nearly 10,000 students studying engineering and technology subjects
  • ample development sites – many with enterprise zone status – all with excellent access to roads, rail and port networks
  • more than 126,000 manufacturing sector employees
  • connectivity – exceptionally well connected to the rest of the UK with first-class rail, air and road networks to key business hubs
TRH singers

"A great way to unleash your creative talents on an interesting problem as part of a team whatever your skill set".

"A fun, collaborative event where we were able to bring our ideas to life".

"Excellent way to spend a weekend".

"An inclusive challenge designed to bring out diverse solutions from teams of differing skills and expertise".


Attendees The Rocket Hack 2019

The results

The Rocket Hack will took place over 48 hours – together we created networks, solved problems and forged new partnerships.

The Rocket Hack is:

  • supporting the rich history in transport technology  in the region
  • providing new opportunities to attendees, such as mentoring, acceleration and helping them create a business
  • supporting learning, creative spaces and events in the region
  • focused on new tech for good

The Rocket Hack’s impact will be clear to see in the region, with progress followed carefully, ongoing mentoring introduced, and collaborative steering groups initiated. Working in partnership as one region to create a stronger IT and digital sector.

Team Walker at The Rocket Hack

What makes it special?

North East England has spawned brilliant people, ideas, inventions and innovations that are responsible for changing the world. Boasting more than just beautiful cities, it calls itself home to some of the best companies, universities and innovation centres in the country.

The region has always been at the forefront of rail innovation, with a vision of enhancing experiences, improving efficiency, reliability, communications, developing new technology and innovative passenger services.

Nomad Digital came up with the idea because we were inspired be ‘The Rocket’ it was world-changing and an iconic part of Britain’s railway heritage. Manufactured in 1829 by Robert Stephenson, The Rocket was the fastest locomotive ever built up to that point.

With local MP support, building on working together as a region is something, we must do more of – The Rocket Hack is special because it is a true reflection of what collaboration and joint effort can achieve.

The start of something really special!

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