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Thank you to the key workers around the world

Thank you

The world is an uncertain place right now during the current pandemic. However, one thing that we are all certain of, is how amazing the key/essential workers are around the world. From medical staff to the people that support us daily – we thank you!


So, THANK YOU to all the key workers around the world from the people of Nomad.

In the photo to the left and below, you will see a thank you message from some of our people around the globe.

Romney Phillips, our Program Manager in Perth, Australia, says “I just wanted to recognise the excellent and selfless work our essential workers are providing for us all and say thanks for their hard work.”

Amy Hedley, our QHSE Administrator in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, says “Myself and Hana had lots of fun, getting messy, making this picture! That’s what lockdown is all about! We are extremely grateful for all the work the key workers are doing, and this is just one small way we can show our appreciation.”

Ian Brimer, our Head of Global Business Systems in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, says “My kids loved getting involved in this initiative. As a family, we are very grateful for all the wonderful work the key workers are doing.”

Thank you from Nomad Digital