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Supporting UK HSE ‘WORK RIGHT’ campaign

press release

Nomad Digital is proud to support and be part of the UK HSEs recent campaign around Health and safety titled ‘WORK RIGHT’. The campaign aims to share and promote safety across businesses, sharing best practice, ideas and showing how together, we can keep everyone safe.

Everyone has the right to go home healthy after work. The campaign asked companies to make a commitment and share their work and systems collaboratively for the good of all. Nomad submitted their commitment to take part in this campaign, sharing their safe system of work ‘POWSA’ (point of work safety assessment) system that all site facing employees follow globally.

Nomad’s onsite controls around safe systems of work, and our promotion of health and wellbeing, is our commitment to our people across all regions. Through a combination of dedicated work and promotion from our QHSE & HR departments, we strive to give our employees a safe place to work and ensure they are supported from a health perspective, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic we are all in.

The HSE in the UK is a world leader in Health and Safety and supports other worldwide institutes and governing bodies to drive improvement and regulation. For more information on the campaign please visit and register your support.

Nomad is proud to take part and support the HSE and wider world contributing to a healthier and safer work environment for everyone.




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