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Safety at Nomad Digital - Evolution not Revolution

At Nomad Digital, we put safety first. Whether it’s safety in an office environment, at home or out on site, safety is always at the forefront of our operations. As Nomad Digital have evolved from a small start-up business in 2002 to the global company it is today, the demand for safety has developed as we look to navigate and implement integral safety standards worldwide.

Nomad’s commitment to implementing a safety management system, which is recognised and certified throughout the industry, exemplifies to our customers just how serious we are about safety in the workplace as we provide our people with the right tools and systems to keep them safe.

Nomad Digital’s implementation of a POWSA systems (point of work safety assessment system) provides risk assessments to ensure a safe system of work which applies to all operations on site. The POWSA system gives the employee a 10 point check off to run through before the job starts covering key safety aspects to keep people safe. For example, a POWSA self-check is required before work commences to ensure that it is safe to begin and there are no imminent hazards that will affect the safety of our employees. We even developed an android app to offer a speedy and succinct system for engineers on the go to use and complete in minutes on the job.

Year on year the system has grown in use and adoption from all corners of Nomad Digital and it has been a great success for the progression of safety in the workplace.

Nomads’ global operations are now all certified to ISO 45001. This conveys our commitment to key international standards and ensures that we have a leading system fit for managing how we operate across complex geographies as well as being set up for working safely on-site.

ISO 45001 certificate

In the US & Canada region the system is also fully implemented and used daily to allow our teams there to assess and work safely. Programme Manager Paul Wilkes commented The POWSA fits perfectly with the on-site Safety regime implemented by the various customer depots. Starting with the initial Risk assessment and working through all ten questions and toolbox talk ensures that we have the correct setup, tools, PPE, and any permits required for our people and our Nomad subcontractors”.

Tristan Giles, Program Manager for UK Delivery stated “Nomad staff safety is of upmost importance.  When working ‘on site’ at locations such as train and bus depots, the risk of injury faced by Nomad staff can be considerable. The introduction of POWSA provided Nomad employees with a practical and efficient means to assess whether an environment is safe to work within, which in turn has helped to keep our staff safe when working in the hazardous environments they can sometimes be exposed to.”

Looking ahead...

The future is bright for safety evolution in Nomad – Our QHSE team has grown from one head globally in 2017 to four in 2021. At Nomad Digital, we strive for continuous improvement and safer operations across all we do.