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Quality in document control is key

What does quality mean to me?

Quality in document control means ensuring that all documents processed and uploaded are done consistently. Making sure that the correct company branding, themes and formats are kept to the standards expected. Quality of documentation may sound minor, but the quality of a documents layout and presentation is just as important as the content of the document itself.

Applying quality to document control is about being a gatekeeper, checking process document control changes and ensuring a final eyes over check is completed, and most importantly that the change is conducted smoothly. This can include, communicating key document changes with immediate effect, along with monthly updates for all changes made.

Why is document management important in business?

Having a system which manages the process of a newly created document is vital, along with management control of documents viewed and used every day.  A proper storage and organisational system ensures key information like policies, processes and guides are accessible at the click of a button. It is crucial that an organisation’s employees are kept up-to-date as this will keep the business ticking along.

The more we create and rely on documents the more important that finding a suitable storage system becomes. It has to be secure, easy to access and easy to use. The ISO standards all have a key section (Section 7.5) on document control, when this is included, all International Standards have requirements to meet, this conveys the importance to businesses to get it right and comply with it.

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The future of document management...

When you think of traditional document management and business systems, the image that comes to mind are large archive folders printed out and physically filed away. Nowadays, this is being replaced by reliable electronic systems that are proving to be much more cost effective and are also much faster when completing document updates.

Strangely though, some ‘old school’ document management still exists in businesses. Gone however are the days of physical signatures from managers and leaders to sign off on new documents.  Software systems and apps are developing faster than ever and users have accounts, groups and team document’s that can all be approved and updated all online, within a few clicks of a button, streamlining the entire process.

Document management is vital for every organisation in relation to quality, and plays a such an important role. Nomad have a robust process in place to manage and communicate how document management is performed, to ensure a consistent approach every time. All businesses should have similar processes in place.

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