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Passenger Experience at the forefront of Innovation - DCM & Nomad Digital

Creating an enhanced passenger experience around and onboard buses and trains to ensure journeys are both enjoyable and seamless can be fundamental to rail operators when attracting passengers to return to public transport as the world comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to key data insights during journeys to provide intelligence on occupancy, density and sentiment at stations, on platforms and in train carriages (and even buses) can offer the passenger a safer, improved experience fostered by well informed, proactive station staff.

To address this market requirement, Nomad Digital together with Dynamic Crowd Measurement have completed a successful first of a kind (FOAK) innovation project to provide intelligent, real-time insights to enhance the passenger experience.

The project, funded by The Department of Transport in partnership with Innovate UK has created a solution that utilises existing onboard and station CCTV installations. The solution provides operators with passenger density and flow information as well as having the capability to determine passenger mood and sentiment, a unique development within the market.


Helping to manage passenger and crowd density activities on buses, trains and on platforms is a key benefit for operators, however, this solution also analyses how messages are being perceived by passengers with mood and sentiment analysis. This aides operators in making more informed decisions, particularly if passengers are becoming distressed throughout their journey and quick reactions are necessary.

Providing passengers and staff a with a real-time, live viewpoint of possible congestion can allow an early reaction and informed decisions to be made before a situation arises. This can therefore result in improved passenger satisfaction levels and reduced congestion with the potential of also avoiding train delays.

To discover more about how this innovation drives value from real-time data, please see the video below:

Woman using mobile device at train station smiling

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