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Partnership extended for 3 years with Queensland Rail for WiFi & CCTV

press release

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 5 October 2016)  Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the rail industry, is extending its strategic partnership with Queensland Rail offering continued service management on Passenger WiFi and CCTV for an additional three years.

The contract extension builds on a partnership which dates back to 2011, and will involve the full service management of 192 of Queensland Rail’s metro trains, including round-the-clock maintenance of the on-board equipment using Nomad’s dedicated staff in the field.

The multi-year contractual agreement is testament to the reliability and performance of Nomad’s solution, and underlines a commitment to further develop and invest in delivering an excellent customer service experience.

Queensland Rail’s objective is to improve both passenger and staff security. Nomad’s solution has the ability to stream live video in the event of an incident, and Queensland Rail identified the potential to embrace a connectivity solution that improved passenger experience with reliable high-speed WiFi connectivity.  Nomad was the first company to provide continuous high-speed Internet connectivity in tunnels and the first to stream high-quality live video to and from moving trains.

Nomad’s solution successfully overcomes unreliable mobile network coverage in parts of rural Australia, while optimising the quality for data-hungry applications such as high-quality CCTV.

Moin Majid, General Manager APAC, Australia, said “The success of the solution we provide is testament to this continued relationship which builds on many years of working together. Most importantly it provides us with the opportunity to work further with this forward-looking, innovative rail operator in Australia, building on our offer in this region.”