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We like to provide our own insights and thoughts via our blog and industry articles.

Nomad Digital names new Managing Director

We are pleased to announce that, Xavier Champaud will be appointed as Managing Director of Nomad Digital.

Vicki Sloan
Vicki Sloan
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Nomad Digital complete final expansion of ISO 45001 global certification

Nomad Digital has now completed the final expansion of its ISO 45001 global certification.

Vicki Sloan
Vicki Sloan
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Real Time and Big Data is here to stay

As the transportation industry develops and evolves, the use of data has never been more crucial in completing the intelligent journey and improving passenger experience. In this article, we will dissect Real Time Data and Big Data and how they positively affect the rail industry.

headshot of Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor
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Thank you to the key workers around the world

Thank you from Nomad Digital

The world is an uncertain place right now during the current pandemic. However, one thing that we are all certain of, is how amazing the key/essential workers are around the world.

headshot of Sophie
Sophie White
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Supporting UK HSE ‘WORK RIGHT’ campaign

go home safe

Nomad Digital is proud to support and be part of the UK HSEs recent campaign around Health and safety titled ‘WORK RIGHT’. The campaign aims to share and promote safety across businesses.

John Mills
John Mills
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Realising the intelligent train – true digital enablement

onboard data centre graphic

Providing a single maintainer-friendly view of the train involves the ability to predict failures, highlight hidden problems and issue real-time alerts when failures happen.

headshot of Nick
Nick Camara
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Challenges when implementing digitalisation in railways

technology emojis interlocking with moving metro on bridge

The railway industry is undergoing a new ‘golden age’, in light of the current environmental emergency scenario - rail transport for both people and goods, is a great way to help.

headshot of Pedro
Pedro Conceição
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A message from our Acting CEO about COVID-19

The interests of our people, customers, suppliers and communities are our top priority. With this in mind, we wanted to update you and let you know about the processes we have in place.

headshot of Anthony
Anthony Fowler
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