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Over 1 million working hours without a lost time injury

This month the Nomad Digital team are marking a significant milestone that represents our ‘safety at the forefront’ ethos; collectively the team have achieved and passed over 1 million working hours without a lost time injury (LTI) across all operations globally.

A lost time injury is where someone has been injured whilst working, and they cannot return to work the next day because of the injury.

It has been over 652 days since our last LTI (almost two years ago) which marks a significant milestone.

This is result of the entire team, a collective effort from every corner of Nomad Digital in all job roles and functions. Everyone has a part to play, to stay safe and ensure risks are managed so we are not exposed to unnecessary hazards or risk.


Of course, new hazards and risks present themselves every day and whilst we mark this great achievement now, we will also continue to move forward with our safety-first ethos to ensure future operations are planned and executed safely.


“This is a great achievement for Nomad Digital. Given our geographies globally and our wide scope of operations – from people working from home and office to people out on depots and train stations during the night, this is an excellent milestone for us all to celebrate.  As we continue to keep safety at the heart of everything we do, our Business Management System (BMS) is maturing to support our people, and our POWSA safe system of work has no doubt contributed to safer operations everywhere we work. Well done to everyone across Nomad Digital.”


Head of QHSE, Compliance & Risk

John Mills