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Nomad virtually attends SmartTransit 2020

On 25-26 August 2020, Nomad Digital attended SmartTransit’s first virtual event. The transit focused on agencies across Northern America, who were and still are facing challenges within the rail industry. Challenges for agencies within the industry include increasing capacity and safety, meeting riders’ mobility demands, and keeping up with the rate of digital change.

As the only dedicated strategic technology congress for North American metro, rail and bus, SmartTransit brought together transit agencies, railroads, governments and solution providers to tackle these challenges and develop strategies to deliver a seamless transit system.

The event itself

The two days in which SmartTransit was virtually held, provided a perfect opportunity for us at Nomad Digital to showcase our industry designed solutions from our virtual booth and speaking slots. It also provided an excellent platform for our industry experts to catch up with existing customers and interested prospects alike. A congress for those focused on transit technology discussed the most cutting-edge topics trending within the industry. These topics included: Assets & Digitalization, Signalling Systems, Cyber Security, Rolling Stock, Ticketing, Safety, Connectivity: 5G & WiFi, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Positive Train Control, Internet of Things, Resilient Communications and Increasing Ridership.

In line with the agenda, our industry expert John Voyatzis discussed “Nomad’s integrated solutions” – Nomad is a world leader in technology, as your one-stop passenger experience solution provider.  From WiFi to mobile apps and security solutions, we are your technology integrator.

While another one of our experts, John Walton discussed “Nomad’s service model – pro forma”. Nomad is on the move, making your budgetary ends meet with our “pro-forma” pricing model that streamlines your bottom line.

SmartTransit trends

Lori Wheeler, Sales Support Director reflects on her time at SmartTransit 2020, discussing what future trends she has recognized from the topics addressed: “First and foremost I ask myself, what will public transportation look like in the next three to five years to come? As a participant in SmartTransit – the global message was clear that the public transit industry is changing rapidly and shifting after the abrupt adjustments from Covid-19. Upcoming trends and current hot topics within the industry which caught my attention include:

  • Security on rail (at the forefront).  I noticed a great trend in cybersecurity, as agencies are focused on delivering passenger safety throughout the management of Covid-19
  • A new vision for customer/passenger safety, unfortunately, inspired by Covid-19
  • A focus on implementing cost-saving solutions for the commuter rail operator and passengers
  • Greater technology solutions needed in line with new Covid-19 guidelines
  • A decline in passenger utilization.  How do operators and service providers move with downward trends.

The main trend I have noticed revolves around passenger safety, which is why we were happy to introduce appropriate attendees to our safety solution from our digital booth. Overall, I enjoyed SmartTransit 2020 and I look forward to potentially attending next years conference whether it be physical or virtual”.

Final thoughts

If any of the above is of interest, we would be happy to provide you and your organization with a one on one Integrated Solutions Consultation.  Additionally, contact us today for more information on our cost savings pricing model – ‘Pro Forma’.