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Nomad partners with train builder Alstom in Italy used by SBB

press release

(Newcastle upon Tyne 21 September 2016)  Nomad Digital, the world’s leading provider of wireless connectivity and ICT solutions to the rail industry, has successfully partnered with train builder Alstom in Italy, on a passenger WiFi and infotainment solution for the ETR-610 New Pendolino high-speed trains used by Swiss state rail operator SBB.

The addition of Nomad’s WiFi and infotainment solution will benefit SBB passengers using their international train services running through the new Gotthard Base Tunnel between Italy and Switzerland, with future plans to also run to Germany. It further builds on Nomad’s growing influence across Europe and particularly in the DACH region, having recently announced a partnership – again with SBB – on their new EC250 ‘Giruno’ train fleet.

A key benefit for the passenger is a seamless WiFi experience delivered by Nomad’s cross-border technology, providing uninterrupted connectivity on high-speed trains for passengers on international journeys.

State-of-the-art new ETR-610 trains will have Nomad’s networked platform built in, while the existing ETR-610s are also being retrofitted with Nomad’s connectivity infrastructure by Alstom at their Savigliano plant in Italy. Nomad’s R3500P on-board server provides a secure, robust technology platform which supports an integrated passenger portal, delivering a full passenger information and infotainment platform, offering fully integrated real-time journey and service information.  Nomad’s networked platform also enables the quick integration of additional operational applications, providing a scalable, future-proofed solution to the customer.

Nomad Digital said “We are happy to partner with Alstom, a major European train-building force, while further extending our presence across central Europe and in the DACH region. This partnership also further extends Nomad’s collaboration with SBB, building on our work on their new EC250 ‘Giruno’ train. Passengers on international cross-border journeys will really notice the benefit of seamless internet connectivity.”

Matt Gould Nomad Digital’s Global Sales Director, said “Our innovative solution provides the first passenger WiFi service for a high-speed train in both Switzerland and Italy.

“We are delighted to work with Alstom on this major international deployment of passenger WiFi. It marks another major cross-border service in addition to numerous others we have delivered with European train operators.”