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Nomad Digital uses data to enhance passenger experience

Data is paramount in facilitating an excellent passenger experience. At Nomad Digital we work with operators to ensure that they have the tools to develop an enhanced passenger experience.

We sat down with Paul Vaclik (Head of R&D and Architecture), Irfan Ahmed (Product Manager) and George Polzer (Web & Customer Engagement Manager) to understand how Nomad Digital help operators execute The Connected Journey.

Data and its security

As time progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that smart use of data is the most effective means of enhancing passenger experience. At Nomad Digital, the nature of our business is formulated by generating, analysing and distributing data to provide insight for the operators that we work in partnership with. As we are a data rich technology company, this means that we have an abundance of opportunities to augment passenger experience by gaining meaningful insights from our data. Our on-train systems gather useful data, day in and day out. We also gather data, based on specific passenger needs. This means that we can leverage specific information about passenger habits onboard as well as their wider journey behaviour. Therefore, providing operators with such rich data analysis, we can deliver valuable insight into how to improve passenger experience on their fleets. All of the data that we capture, store and provide to operators is encrypted in transit and securely stored in our databases which drive reporting and analysis tools, such as our telemetry Network Management System (NMS) and Fleet View. Those tools, plus a wide variety of APIs provide all our operators with 24/7 access to their data as standard.

A seamless customer experience

Nomad Digital is the global leader in building and delivering fleet management systems. Our Onboard Information System (OBIS) product is an industry standard to assist operators to improve their passengers’ experience. Many of our mobility solutions already have our OBIS passenger information integrated. OBIS allows operators to  announce real time passenger journey information, operational information as well as multi-media infotainment. There is also the opportunity to integrate our data with other external sources to enable services which support an end to end journey such as checking if there a queue at the taxi rank, or pre-ordering coffee at your destination station. It is this integration with third party data sources that enables us to support The Connected Journey.

Our recently launched Engage Portal solution focuses on delivering passenger rail entertainment. But, the Engage Portal can also be used to capture and report data which highlights the number of passengers onboard are using WiFi and usage types.

Man logs into WiFi with smartphone at train station platform

Exploring AI & Machine Learning

Nomad Digital strive to continue to improve passenger experience. We are poised to transform every aspect of their digital and data strategy to become an AI-first company. AI and Machine Learning is certainly a key component of our product portfolio since we are a data driven company says George Polzer, Customer Engagement Manager at Nomad Digital and product line Ambassador to Alstom’s AI & Smart Data group.

Nomad are working in close collaboration with our parent company, Alstom, to build an extensive pipeline of PoC, Pilot and intelligent mobility solutions which leverages Alstom’s data science experts and Nomad Digital’s train operator use cases and data. This partnership is fundamental to springboard and accelerate building transport intelligent systems such as predictive maintenance, fault identification, data usage optimization, passenger flow and personalisation.’ Prediction is the future of digital transformation and will enhance passenger experience to levels we have yet to fully appreciate.

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