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Nomad Digital reaches 1,000 Days Lost Time Injury (LTI) Free

Nomad Digital has reached 1,000 Days Lost Time Injury (LTI) free on 26th March 2023. This marks a significant milestone of serious injury free operations across all global sites and workplaces.

1000 Days LTI

Nomad Digital has operations taking place every day either in managed offices, in dedicated labs, right through to Engineers who work onsite on busy rail and bus depots servicing customer fleets.

The period of 1,000 days LTI free has been completed with colleagues working just under 1.5 million working hours without serious injury.

Nomad Digital is certified globally to ISO 45001 which supports the Safety Management System processes and compliance activities to ensure an effective system of support and assurance is in place.

“This is a great achievement for Nomad Digital, but only serves to remind us how important it is that everything we do should be done safely or not at all – this is the foundation of people keeping themselves and others safe. It is often said ‘you can’t measure what has not happened’ and, in some respects, this is true for a lot of the work we do to avoid incidents and operate safely.

Given our global presence in 12 countries with over 280 people, our risk profile is wide, varying, and dynamic. Each day we have Engineers onsite across the world in both train and bus depots, so the challenge, risks and workplace hazards are constantly present. We use a plethora of programmes and assurance activities to support our people and ensure our operations are safe whilst also continuously looking for opportunities to improve.”


Head of QHSE, Nomad Digital

Headshot of John Mills, Head of QHSE, Nomad Digital

“This is an amazing achievement, and I am extremely thankful for the care and attention to safety everyone has taken across our global teams. I want to congratulate this significant milestone, promoting the importance of safety awareness and behaviour in the workplace.

Can we all keep in mind that safety should never be taken for granted. In our industry, it requires a minimum of vigilance from each of us. It is this collective vigilance that will contribute to maintaining the safe environment we are working in.”


Managing Director, Nomad Digital

Headshot of Xavier Champaud, Managing Director, Nomad Digital