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Nomad Digital launch brand new Mobile App - Nomad Navigator

press release

(Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Monday 6 September 2021)

Nomad Digital is delighted to launch its brand-new mobile app solution. Nomad Navigator is an in-hand engineering tool that means engineers can remotely access vehicles to have valuable data at their fingertips, supporting their decision making and troubleshooting needs. It’s a digital toolkit, enabling transport operators to solve passenger experience challenges.

With Nomad Navigator, users can:

  • Remotely search for specific trains within the fleet using unique identifiers
  • Access valuable near real-time data on fast-changing data points
  • View RAG status updates on the health of onboard equipment and WiFi service
  • Wirelessly resolve faults and issues by taking the appropriate actions to correct them quickly and without the need for cabling
  • Access the back-end architecture for optimal connection to mobile data and vehicle WiFi.

This is just the first step into Nomad’s Mobile app strategy. We are truly investing in the power of digitalisation and data, recognising that apps are the future of our industry. The next iteration of our mobile application program is focused on providing a next-generation passenger experience.

We aim to:

  • Empower passengers by offering a journey experience that improves comfort and convenience whilst reducing stress
  • Show real-time journey information and re-routing support
  • Provide live train occupancy
  • Show live seat availability
  • Empower operators by sharing the data and knowledge from a large passenger base, enabling them to make meaningful and powerful business decisions based on accurate information.

Angela Trainor, Product Manager for Nomad Navigator, said:

“With our new product, Nomad Navigator, Nomad has created an extensive mobile engineering app that will benefit operators by giving them the technology to make decisions quickly and resolve issues. They can remotely access near real-time data for onboard equipment and wirelessly fix faults, making working in the field simpler. At the same time, our pioneering mobile app increases productivity, efficiency and improves customer experience.  This is just the start of a wider mobile application programme, making smarter trains and connected passengers a reality.

Watch the launch video below.

For more information on Nomad Digital and its solutions, please contact:

Vicki Sloan, Global Head of Marketing

+44 (0) 207 096 6966 Ext. 2088

+44 (0) 784 908 5896

About Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the transport industry. It offers a broad solutions portfolio to operators and builders, significantly enhancing passenger experience and increasing fleet operational efficiency.

As passengers continue to demand seamless connectivity and the other value-adding services that come with it, Nomad continues to drive its solutions with passenger experience and innovation at the forefront of its operations.

Nomad is the pioneer of the Intelligent journey – a shared and secure network infrastructure to which all authorised onboard systems and passenger devices may connect.