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Nomad Digital expands train communications in France

press release

(Tuesday, 10 April 2012) Nomad Expands in France to provide on-train WiFi to passengers and operational benefits to train operators.

Nomad Digital Ltd, the leading global provider of on train communications systems, is opening a new branch in France. After several years of sales effort in the country, Nomad is poised to announce new business in France. In order to deliver effectively and to develop new contracts Nomad has opened a new office in central Paris.

Nomad Digital commented,

“The French rail market is one of the largest and most important in the world and this investment represents just the start of our commitment to serve French customers. We are delighted to welcome Olivier, already involved in our French development to the team, to build on the solid foundation. Olivier has been instrumental in developing key relationships within the sector and his knowledge of the market is second to none.”