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Nomad Digital complete final expansion of ISO 45001 global certification

press release

(Newcastle upon Tyne, 11 June 2020)

Nomad Digital has now completed the final expansion of its ISO 45001 global certification.

Nomad’s 16 hubs covering the UK (2), EMEA (8), US (2), Canada (1) and Australia (3) are now certified to the International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety – Lloyds Register (LR).

Safety management system plays a pivotal role

Nomad has held the ISO 45001 certification (formerly OSHAS 18001) since 2015 and continues to lead global compliance from its Headquarters in the UK, supporting all operations via their dedicated QHSE department. Nomad’s safety management system plays a pivotal role in ensuring employees are protected and that Nomad assesses the risks to employees, and takes the necessary actions to mitigate those risks while completing its business activities.

Nomad has undertaken a series of changes to approval audits, to verify compliance in all regions they operate in, to achieve this global compliance level, now expanding it from UK certification only.


The safety of our people is paramount

John Mills, Head of QHSE of Nomad Digital commented on the recent certification:

“This is a great achievement for Nomad, aligning all our operations and practices to this standard. Our global operations across all regions have been following our fully implemented system, policies and processes for several years now, so it’s nice to finally bolt-on external recognition of this, for each region we operate in and have them included in our scope.

We have from day one implemented controls and documentation across the board to ensure all employees follow the same safe system of work, to assess their risks and work safely while staying compliant. Whether it’s an engineer on-site in Australia, Italy or Norway, or someone working in one of our offices – the same measures remain.

Our global reporting systems cover all areas and our participation and promotion work includes, communication and performance reporting through our global HSE committee and local managers. We apply a consistent approach to all operations globally, so we have one standard and everyone knows our systems and protocols.

Tony Fowler, Acting CEO added:

This recognition gives our customers and employees assurance of how seriously we take Occupational Health & Safety here at Nomad. The safety of our people is paramount in the challenging and demanding industries we operate in across the globe, especially given the variety of hazards we face when working. This recognition does not change the way we operate but affirms our commitment to ensuring it continues and evolves for our people, keeping everyone safe.