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Nomad acquires ICT division of Wellard Technologies

press release

(Tuesday, 22nd May 2012 ) Nomad Digital, the leading provider of data connectivity solutions to the transportation sector accelerates its global reach by acquiring the ICT division of Australian based company, Wellard Technologies, whose core business is in providing consultancy services to the mining and transport industries.

This acquisition follows the successful sale of Wellard’s Automation and Control business to SAGE Automation. The ICT division, which is the latest addition to Nomad‟s global network, will operate as a subsidiary of Nomad with offices in Perth and Brisbane, serving the Asia Pacific market as Nomad Digital Pty Ltd.

“Wellard Technologies is proud of the communications technologies business it has built and the highly credentialed team working for the company,” Wellard Director, Richard Pearce said. “Wellard Technologies has no doubt that the communications business will continue to grow under Nomad Digital’s ownership as the company expands into Australia. This sale will also enable Wellard to concentrate on its core business – international trade and commodities.”

The new business unit brings with it a number of existing rail projects and consultancy contracts, both in heavy haulage and passenger rail, to add to Nomad’s portfolio. Projects include Queensland Rail, where passenger WiFi and streaming CCTV is being rolled out across the first 64 of a 200-3 car set fleet with Nomad’s technology at its core.

The consultancy business provides a new approach for Nomad, enabling the company to be a trusted advisor to its clients. Contracts with companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP-Billiton, feature a range of projects including the generation of safety critical systems and advice on rail movement optimization.Core Wellard staff, with specialized technical and engineering backgrounds, form the new Nomad division.

Nomad commented “This is a great time to be joining Nomad, when significant opportunities are emerging. With the Queensland Rail project being the first large scale deployment of Nomad’s technology in the southern hemisphere, there is great potential to grow and in turn provide huge benefits to Australian rail operators and their neighbours. Nomad now have a dedicated team in Australia, proving our ongoing commitment to expansion in this region.With new offices in Perth and Brisbane, we are in a stronger position to service our current and potential customer base.”