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Introducing our new safety App

Nomad Digital have collaborated with Newcastle-based developers Nebula Labs to develop a new mobile App focused on improving on site safety

Head of QHSE, John Mills explains how Nomad Digital are using new App technology to help site based personnel manage safety effectively.

Introducing our new safety App

Nomad Digital has launched a new safety app for global site facing personnel. This new innovative system allows Nomad team members to pre-assess their working environment, check all key hazards and risks and flag any safety concerns on site before work begins or during work if any new issues arise. The new platform improves integration into Nomad Digital’s current safety systems, giving site facing personnel a safe system of work at their fingertips. This ensures safety is embedded into what they do, wherever they are working across the globe.

Point of Work Safety Assessment (POWSA)

One of the core app components is the Nomad Point of Work Safety Assessment (POWSA) system. This is applied to all work locations to pre-assess the environment before any work commences. The system gives Nomad team members the ability to document their inspections, supporting them to ensure every job is planned and started safely. Colleagues must check various key aspects on site and input them onto the Nomad POWSA such as;

  • Has a depot induction been completed?
  • Does the person on site have a permit to work in place?
  • Are all tools and equipment in good working order?
  • Is neighbouring work going to affect anything we do?

The POWSA system has already had a significant impact at Nomad Digital since its launch. Over 280 locations in 12 countries across the globe are registered into the system, with users being able to add new locations and utilise its features wherever they are. Since its launch, there have been over 16,000 assessments submitted into the app from 260 users.

Safety Observation Capture (SOC)

Another key segment of the app is the Nomad safety observation capture (SOC) system. This allows app users to highlight any safety concerns and report them back centrally with a few easy steps using the app. The SOC system is used globally by colleagues on the go, contributing to collective reporting to keep everyone safe.

What do we and Nebula Labs have to say

John Mills, Head of QHSE, Nomad Digital commented:

It is vital to develop our systems and mature these with continuous improvement in mind. The app has huge potential to be a one stop shop for various compliance activities that we complete in our business. Safety is paramount to every task we undertake at Nomad Digital and we strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.”

The new app has the potential for future improvements to support global compliance and assurance activities, allowing operational aspects of our safety and environmental management work to be developed within it.

Nomad have collaborated with Newcastle-based mobile app developers Nebula Labs on the new system.

Dylan McKee, Co-founder at Nebula Labs said:

We enjoyed working with Nomad Digital to create the Nomad Safety App. John and the team were forward thinking and together we were able to act as an innovation partner to digitize important safety, quality and compliance materials. We’re looking forward to where we can take this product going forward together, and are excited at the opportunity to create an all-encompassing safety app.”