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International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Today marks International Women in Engineering Day, with this year’s theme looking towards the future, focusing on the inventors and innovators who will change the industry for the better.

We celebrate the amazing work that women engineers around the world are doing to support lives and livelihoods every day.

We caught up with some of our colleagues to find out what engineering means to them in their own words:

“I have always enjoyed solving problems and learning new technologies and decided early on that I wanted to work in Software Engineering.

I started out as a software developer 20 years ago and even though I am no longer hands on, I still enjoy working with software development teams daily, creating and building new products and solving technical challenges. I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to work with some clever people in very technically innovative fields which has continuously challenged me and driven me to learn whilst I’ve also been able to share my experience and knowledge with others.  I love the variety my job brings; no two days are the same and it’s this variety that keeps me on my toes and keeps things interesting.

Software development has changed a lot in 20 years, and I strongly believe in the collaborative nature of agile development so it’s exciting to be able to drive through this change within Nomad, which I firmly believe will help both the quality of the products as well as being able to bring innovation to the market quicker.”


Head of Technical Planning

“I love that Engineers have a hand in everything we use in daily life. We have come a long way in making Engineering an accessible, attractive, and enjoyable career choice to woman. There is strength in diversity and we all benefit from working together. As a new woman working in tech, I am so grateful for the flexibility and benefits the industry offers. I wish more women to pursue a career in engineering and contribute towards a better society.”


Software Engineer

“I am always fascinated how engineering resolves a comprehensive problem from the real world and provides an efficient solution for it. Nomad Digital gave me the platform to develop in every facet of life and also made the engineering life more interesting. With Nomad, there is always something new to learn and technical development that provides motivation to progress in this field. Women are efficient workers, good financial managers and born multitaskers. I don’t see any better field than engineering to use all those characteristics and provide a better technical solution to the world.”


Product Manager

“I have always been passionate about working in a place where I would be able to use my skills and abilities to solve problems and get the opportunity to learn and improve my career. Working in Nomad Digital has given me this opportunity to daily solve problems. I am involved in a lot of tasks and projects that helps me to learn and exchange ideas and experiences while discovering new things and being able to work together as a team. Having worked for just a few months I can see that the organisation is gender balanced and supports women inclusion in the organisation. In Nomad Digital we have women who are self-driven and goal oriented and this has consistently proven that success does not have a class or gender but anyone who works tirelessly can achieve any feat.”


R&D Portal Production Intern